15 Photographs from war zones across time that have captured soldiers in acts that restore our faith in all humanity.

War and conflict are innate to human nature, but not as much as love and compassion. The image of a war zone is almost always a product of the darker side of imagination, but not without glimpses of hope. Here are some of the most powerful and emotional photographs that showcase a completely different side of these hard times of war; times when emotions like LOVE AND KINDNESS (and not hatred) were at peak. 

Because putting a smile on their faces is part of the job

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A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya in 1994


A sergeant of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps bandages the wounded ear of a dog in 1944

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Surrounded by riot police in the streets of Vancouver, Canada, a couple kisses in the midst of violence

Photo Credit: RICH LAM


A soldier plays video games with a child who lost his limbs in an explosion

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Special forces operative admiring nature

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During the Christmas Truce of 1914, German and British soldiers play a game of soccer in the “no man’s land” between trenches

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The difference between the good guys and the bad guys is whether they use human shields or they make themselves human shields

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Handing out his apple to the local kids in Iraq

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An American G.I. tends to the wounds of a young German soldier while waiting for the arrival of a medic in 1944

Photo via “Linneah website”


The child of a KKK member touches his reflection in an African American police officer’s riot shield during a demonstration [1992]


An Afghan man offers tea to soldiers

Image credit: Rafiq Maqbool / AP


A striking photo of unity emerged from the chaos in Egypt back in 2011 as Christian protesters stood together to protect Muslims as they prayed

Photo Credit: Nevine Zaki


A soldier feeding his kitten during the Korean war

Image credit: Unknown

A curious Afghan girl holds the hand of an American soldier