Fascinating Things Being Worn Down Over Time

Nothing is forever. Time influences everything and everyone. These pictures are living reminders of stories that must have happened over the period of time. Check out this unbelievable pictures of worn down things that all have their own tales to tell :

Buddhist monk has been praying in the same spot at his temple for 20 years


Water pipe at a mineral pool spa encrusted with minerals


Brick wall eroded by the ocean


Same person 48 years apart


Tree overgrowing headstone at an Old Burying Ground

Bobby Neel Adams


Someone left this bicycle chained to a tree


Road Tunneled into the Earth by Time


Before and after powerwashing


This is how a WWI Trench looks almost 100 years later


Tree Holding Up Boulders From A Collapsed Wall


These whisky bottles have a year of maturing away from each other


Willie Nelson’s worn-out guitar


An Old CRT TV screen that has seen a lot of Pacman





This great white shark is a veteran


Wall has an outline from my dog sleeping in the same spot


After four decades, there is no room left to staple the flyers


This Tree Grew Through A Fence



This Exterior Corner Next To The Front Door Of The Local Bike Shop


Steps Near My House


Sun damage after driving a delivery truck for 28 years

Bill McElligott

Statue of Saint Pete in Vatican City, whose feet are touched, rubbed and even kissed by tourists